how old they die at?


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2 Answers

There are many endangered animals. It is hard to say that one is more endangered than another. Considering there are millions of species which have not yet been identified, there is no doubt many species of animals and plants that become extinct every day. Extinction is a part of the evolutionary process. We often tend to focus our attention on animals that we enjoy seeing because they are unique, beautiful and colorful, or very large. lists more than 10,000 animal species that are considered endangered. Their list is said to be from a combination of several sources. There is no way to know exactly how many species are endangered or which ones are the “most” endangered. This is just a list of some of the well known and prominent endangered species.
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There are many, and it's very hard to get an actual answer to such a question.

Here's a link to what apparently contains a list of the "10 most endagered species."

by Level 2 User (2.9k points)
I believe this list is just opinion based.

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