So you realize that there was some doubt. The question just made you aware of it. So, you have to pinpoint why that doubt arose. What in the copy was not clear or compelling enough to erase that question from ever arising? What can you do to make sure that even if someone says, "so, what?" they will feel excitement and interest at reading that benefit and continue down your list. You will know when your sales page is ready when you read down the list, ask yourself that question, and realize it has no relevance whatsoever! The points are addressed, they are clearly stated, and they make the right emotional and intellectual appeal. Once you have this technique down, your copy will get exciting, compelling, and almost irresistible to the people who land on your sales page.

small business marketing strategiesOn the internet, where the real hustlers do their bidding, we don't have time for playing around. We get straight to the point and we usually have less than 5 seconds to catch someone's attention before they click away from our website with their "Paypal dollars" tightly clutched in their hand. But that's the great thing about the internet. In about 2 hours you can have a business set up for completely free. All you have to do is be willing to put in a little time and effort.

Good coaching programs give you the ability to ask questions. The best coaching programs give you unlimited access via email. This is very important if you are new to Internet Marketing.

You've heard it said many times - you are the sum total of the choices you have made in your life up to this point. For better or for worse, your choices both big and small dictate the course of your life. Your inner thoughts (or your mindset, however you want to describe it) are made up of your values, beliefs, attitudes, identity, expectations, habits, opinions and thought patterns about yourself and about life in general. Your inner thoughts are the "glasses" through which you view the world.

Ebooks will not only promote your business - they will help you make a name for yourself and your company, and establish you as an expert in your field. You may even find that you have enough to say to warrant a series of ebooks. Specific businesses are complicated and often require the different aspects to be divided in order for the reader to get the full story.

Now go back to your iGoogle and click Add Stuff in upper right hand corner of your screen. This will take you to the iGoogle gadgets area where you can find thousands of useful gadgets. Now scroll down just a little and look in the lower left hand corner. Click Add feed or Gadget and enter the URL address for the Twitter RSS feed. Now scroll up and click Back to iGoogle Home.

Create a blog about your topic and populate it with a few articles you picked up and liked online. Your next move is then to write your own articles about the topic. To show you how this works, just write two 500 word articles about the topic. Make sure to have a headline that engages readers and makes them want to continue to your article.

Use short paragraphs and sentences. Make the best use of subheadings. Provide bulleted text whenever necessary. Include the most suitable picture in your post. Use image alt tags and give it a keyword rich name to be easily found by the users. Include anchor text and relevant links in your blog posts. This way you can drive traffic to your other associated links. It will also work as backlinks to other relevant websites.

If you're currently struggling, one thing that you definitely don't want to do is to focus on one marketing strategy alone. If one strategy fails on you, you have no other source of traffic coming in. So if you're putting all your traffic into one "marketing basket"... your business is on shaky grounds.

It all sounds great, but how exactly do you go about making this happen? How do you find a way to either supplement your exisiting income, or in a best case scenario, how do you become your own boss?
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