assembly of a protein molecule according to the code in a mrna molecule

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1 Answer

MRNA is made up of units called nucleotides.  There are 4 different nucleotides in MRNA -- guanine, adenine, uracil and cytosine.  These are most often represented by the first letter G, A, U, C.  In MRNA molecule can be seen as a sequences of nucleotides.



When the MRNA molecule is translated, the ribosome reads the order of the nucleotides.  Every 3 nucleotides is called a triplet or codon.  Each of these codons represents an amino acid, start order or stop order. The following is a graphic that shows the triples and corresponding amino acids


The ribosome reads the sequence beginning with the start codon (AUG) and inserts the proper amino acid.  The example above would be read as follows


AUG - Start

UAC - Cysteine

ACU - Serine

GAC - tyrosine

UAA - Stop


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