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A virus is an infectious agent that needs a host to live.

Although viruses aren't said to be living, they do have genetic material, whether that be RNA or DNA. They cannot reproduce on their own, but they can produce more viruses by injecting a cell with their genetic material. Although when sketched or animated they may seem like living organisms, they're technically not living organisms.

A bateriophage is one example of a virus, and it infects bacteria. It has structures called "tail fibers," but they aren't legs. They also have a head-like structure, but it's not a head. The point of this last paragraph is to explain how their appearence can be decieving.

To get more information about viruses, look more into the bacteriophage or HIV. They're both caused by viruses.

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Well, a bacteriopage "is" a virus.
Viruses are not an organism at all. They are not alive. They are nonliving. They are like cockle burrs that "grab" hold of your clothing or a dog’s coat. They are hijackers. Once they get attached to the cell of a living cell, they can take it over and "make" the living cell produce virus particles instead of cell parts. These particles can assemble into more viruses and then they break out of the cell (killing it) and begin the process again. They cannot make more viruses on their own.

They are very small and can be considered ultramicroscopic. We were not able to see them with the best light microscopes as we could bacteria (prokaryotes). We have to use an electron microscope to see them as they are that small. This was not available until recently.
Can u die from an infected pacreas?
Virus is said to be non-living but as it contains genetic material and today's  biology says that the organism which contains genetic material it is virus is derived from Latin word venom it can be defined as infectious nucleoprotiens.
Avirus is a micro-organism which cannot be seen by the naked eyes.OR avirus is adisease carrying agents to our lives/bodies.Avirus which feeds  and stays on us as ahost.
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