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4 Answers

Diffuion describes the movement of particles through random motion from areas of higher concentration to regions of lower concentration, while

osmosis describes the movement of water across a selectively permiable membrane driven by a difference in solute concentrations on the two sides of teh membrane.

The red blood cell is surrounded by a membrane enclosing an area with a higher concentration of solutes inside than the surrounding water. The distilled water will move across the membrane from the area of lower solute concentration (outside the cell) to the area of higher concentration (inside the cell).

Thus, the cell will gain water through osmosis.

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the red blood cell will gain osmosis
The cell will gain water by osmosis, and it will swell possibly to the point that it bursts
it gains water. this is because if u immersed the red blood cell with water (hypotonic solution; water comes into the cell) , the solution outside the cell is less concentrated than the inside. this results in the swelling of the cell due to the diffusion of water into the cells by osmosis.
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