the sea lamprey is an invasive species what does this meanenlightened


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3 Answers

I think it means it invades another habitat.mail

i dont get it

An invasive species, also known as an exotic or nuisance species, is an organism or plant that is introduced into a new environment, where it is not native

Invasion often happens when humans take species to environments in which they are not native. Pouring an aquarium of fish into a river or stream is a good example.  Because the new species has not previously been part of the existing ecosystem it often has adaptations that allow it to unnaturally thrive. The result can be a decimation of native populations.  In St. George, UT we have a problem with non-native fish in the Virgin river. They were brought here and released into the river and have nearly eradicated many of the native fish populations.  There is currently an effort underway to try to remove the problem species from the river in order to restore the natural ecological balance. These efforts can be very difficult and costly.

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