the movie the lion king

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The African food chain starts with trees, shrubs, and grass (these are known as the producers) which are in turn eaten by the zebras and elephants (these are considered to be the primary consumers). The animals that feed on the zebras and elephants are the cheetahs, lions and hyenas (these are known as the secondary consumers). Next in line are the scavengers which includes termites, vultures, and hyenas (they get to be in two places in the food chain). Last in the line are the decomposers or detrivores which are the animal that finish up the dying process - mushrooms, insects, and micro-organisms. Even though this is considered the end of the food chain it is really once again the beginning because they go to feed and nourish the trees and shrubs meaning that the entire process can start over again. There may be other individual animals involved but you can get a clear understanding of how the food chain works.

the simple way is like this:

tree → a cow → man → lion
he man the simply way is like this:

tee → a pig → man → lion
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