I have read about DNA, some claim dna can change, I have been expose to chemcals, blood transfusion and other stuff some claim could change my DNA

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2 Answers

You have copies of your DNA in every cell.  If one cell is damaged the DNA in that cell can change.  If that cell divides, the two divided cells will contain copies of the damaged or changed DNA.


It is possible for DNA to change and it does change. We may have slightly different DNA from on cell to another but major changes to important areas will cause the cell to die.  If there are to many damaged cells in vital places the person will die.


Cancer is a commonly known example of major DNA changes.
I had a DNA test done, We match on these markers, D8s1179, Fga, Vwa, D7s820, Fesfps, penta E, lpl, f13B, f13a01, Penta D, D16s539, D13s317, D5S818...The lab said that had to test over 20 markers cuase they could NOT read some of the main makers due to they could NOT read them. When the 13 markers we match on does that prove or disprove Paternity. To me they kept on testing until they found markers that did NOT match.

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